SERA’s Mission

SERA is a regional educational research association dedicated to furthering the advancement of research in education. SERA has an annual meeting each year for three days in which professionals share research findings and ideas in a conference setting. The primary medium of the conference is written, in the form of formal written scholarly papers. All paper presenters are required to distribute during the presentation physical paper copies of their papers, or upload digital copies of papers to the SERA Digital Repository, or both. SERA is not a venue for delivering extemporaneous off-the-cuff remarks. SERA is also committed to furthering the education of graduate students by providing educational resources, mentorship, and opportunities to present papers at the annual conference.

SERA Early Career Faculty Mentoring Initiative

SERA has initiated a trial Mentoring Program for Early Career Faculty. This program links early career  faculty with peer or senior faculty mentors. The forms for both Mentor Volunteers and Mentees are available on-line on LinkedIn.

2015 FINAL Program

The Program for the meeting February 4-6, 2015 can be viewed by clicking here. If you need a copy of a presentation, please contact the Senior Author, or go to the SERA Paper Repository. The Paper Repository may be used to search for and access papers that first authors have elected to upload, and (only) first authors may also use this site to upload their papers.

Future Post-2016 Annual Meetings

The 40th annual conference hotel will be the The Menger Hotel in San Antonio. The conference will run from Wednesday 2/15/17 through Friday 2/17/17.

The 39th Annual (2016) Conference Call & Hotel Info

Click ***here*** to download a copy of the Call for Proposals for the SERA annual meeting. Members are cautioned that because program space is limited, and Training / Workshop / Innovative Sessions each take up one or more time blocks, only a *** VERY VERY LIMITED NUMBER of TRAINING / WORKSHOP / INNOVATIVE SESSIONS *** will be accepted for the forthcoming conference.

The 2016 SERA annual conference will be held Wednesday 2/10/16 through Friday 2/12/16 at the New Orleans Monteleone Hotel [(504)523-3341]. TO GET THE SERA CONFERENCE HOTEL ROOM RATE ($149) you cannot register for hotel rooms using the internet, and instead YOU MUST CALL THE HOTEL ON THE PHONE [(504)523-3341] and tell them you are with the Southwest Educational Research Association.

Dues/Conference Registration Payment System **NOW CLOSED**

The Conference Registration Payment System for the 2016 annual meeting is now **CLOSED** until mid August, when pre-registration will open. In mid October all proposals for which any authors/co-author’s registration payments were not been received by the due date were rejected. Persons attending the 2016 meeting who are not authors/co-authors may pre-register during the Fall (strongly preferred), OR register on-site; the on-site registration fees are $70 for students and $100 for faculty. Pre-registration payment by all proposal authors and all co-authors is a precondition for proposal review. For the current cycle, pre-registration for students is $58, and for faculty is $83. Registration/dues fees are not refundable, except for persons who have all their proposals rejected by the Program Committee following review. To pre-register, when the site is open, click here.

Important Dates/Deadlines

20 SEPT 2015: DEADLINE for receipt of Conference Presentation Proposals
7 OCT 2015: DEADLINE for receipt of conference registration info and your check if you are paying by personal check or university check via university Purchase Order; checks received after this date will not be cashed
14 OCT 2015: DEADLINE for receipt of conference registration info and your payment if you are paying by credit card via PayPal; the next day all proposals for which any co-authors have not paid required conference registration fees will be rejected
LATE OCT or EARLY NOV 2015: Proposal disposition decisions e-mailed to first authors
EARLY DEC 2015: DRAFT conference program posted on the SERA website
noon 15 DEC 2015: DEADLINE for RECEIPT of payment from any school wanting to participate in the SERA Dean’s Awards program
noon 8 JAN 2016: LAST day to register for a room in the conference hotel at the conference rate only if rooms are still available
5pm 10 JAN 2016: DEADLINE for receipt by the SERA Graduate Student Representative of an electronic copy of submissions for the SERA Dean’s Awards. See page 9 of the Call for Proposals.
5pm 10 JAN 2016: DEADLINE for receipt by the SERA President of an electronic copy of submissions for the SERA Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award. See page 8 of the Call for Proposals.
10 JAN 2016: DEADLINE for receipt of copy of your paper by the Discussant assigned to your presentation session only for Division VI (“Student Research In Progress”) papers

noon 11 FEB 2016: DEADLINE for receipt of 5 paper (not electronic) single-sided copies of submissions to the SERA Executive Director to be considered for the SERA Bruce Thompson Outstanding Paper Award. See page 7 of the Call for Proposals.