SERA’s Mission

 SERA is a regional educational research association dedicated to furthering the advancement of research in education. SERA has an annual meeting each year for three days in which professionals share research findings and ideas in a conference setting. The primary medium of the conference is written, in the form of formal written scholarly papers. All paper presenters are required to distribute during the presentation physical paper copies of their papers, or upload digital copies of papers to the SERA Digital Repository, or both. SERA is not a venue for delivering extemporaneous off-the-cuff remarks. SERA is also committed to furthering the education of graduate students by providing educational resources, mentorship, and opportunities to present papers at the annual conference.

SERA Early Career Faculty Mentoring Initiative

SERA has initiated a trial Mentoring Program for Early Career Faculty. This program links early career  faculty with peer or senior faculty mentors. The forms for both Mentor Volunteers and Mentees are available on-line on LinkedIn.

SERA Research Grants

SERA is dedicated to furthering the advancement of graduate student and junior faculty educational research.  Two competitive Research Grants for up to $1000 for 1-year projects will be awarded at the 2017 Conference to a doctoral student and assistant professor at a 4-year institution.  Grant proposals are due January 8, 2017.  A video overview outlining the grant proposal guidelines is available at the following link: SERA Research Grant Webinar .

Links to the FAQs, Conference Program, Hotel, Registration, Call, Proposal Submission System, and Digital Repository are located on the pull down menu of the SERA CONFERENCE page.