Call for Proposals

The link to the Call for Proposals for the annual SERA conference is on the SERA Home Page. A copy of the Call for Proposals is also at the end of the Spring SERA Newsletter, which is published on the SERA website under the “NEWSLETTER” tab.

Proposal Submission & Conference Registration Payment Websites

The link to the Conference Proposal Submission website is near the bottom of the SERA Home Page, when (and only when) the Proposal submission website is open (i.e., from roughly mid-August until roughly mid-October). The link to the Conference Registration and Payment website is near the bottom of the SERA Home Page.

Winners of the SERA Bruce Thompson Outstanding Paper Award

Each year, SERA holds a contest for the SERA Bruce Thompson Outstanding Paper Award. In 2012, the SERA Board renamed the award in recognition of Bruce’s career-long service to SERA, including 13+ years of service as the SERA Executive Director. The recipient of this award is given the honor of presenting the winning paper at a special session of the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting and is also presented with a $1,000 stipend. Past recipients of this award can be seenĀ here.

Photos of graduate students presenting at the most recent annual SERA meeting can be found under the GRADUATE STUDENT menu.


SERA Conference Paper Digital Repository

Some SERA members have loaded digital copies of their conference papers to the voluntary SERA Conference Paper Repository, which is available to SERA members on a login basis.


Conference Registration Fees Explained

Click here for an explanation of SERA fees and SERA reimbursement policies.