AV team members will start setting up equipment approximately 15 minutes before the start of morning and afternoon sessions. The AV team will be available throughout the sessions for troubleshooting. If need be, we will change out projectors as quickly as possible. In many rooms we will be using portable screens and electrical outlets are not easily accessible or limited in number. We have the following suggestions for you to review PRIOR to the conference.

  1. Use contrasting colors and large font on PPT slides. Slides should be an outline, with the exception of displaying data.
  2. Make sure your laptop is charged before the session. Do not assume you will be able to plug in your power adapter.
  3. You may not be comfortable transferring your file via a small storage device to another’s computer, however there will be limited time to switch out computers during sessions. If you do transfer your file to another device, please make sure that the file/device is properly removed.
  4. If you do not present using the projector (this is optional), paper copies of tables and visuals should be available to the audience. You should have a backup plan for presenting in case of technology failures.
  5. Practice the transitions between speakers for your presentation and have someone in your group designated for keeping track of time for each speaker’s section. We need to respect the time of all presenters.
  6. SERA does not provide clickers, laser pointers, or similar presentation aids.
  7. We encourage the use of the SERA repository for all presentations.
  8. Although projectors will be provided, all presenters are responsible for bringing the appropriate adapter for their laptop in order to connect to the projector.  We have a limited number of adapters to loan out. You will be asked for your driver’s license to ensure we get equipment back.  Please also note that we may not have the proper adapter for your specific laptop computer.  All of our projectors are VGA ported projectors.  If your laptop requires a specific adapter for a VGA port, please make sure to bring that adapter with you to your presentation.