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We created PDF file “screen shots” of the proposal submission system for SERA Members to preview without needing to access the real submission system. In previous years, prior to submitting a proposal, a number of people accessed the real system to determine the information required for submitting a proposal.

 Please encourage your colleagues and students to preview the following PDF “screen shots” of the proposal system before they use the real system in order to determine the required information for the (a) First Author, (b) Workshop/Training Verification, (c) Symposium, (d) Number of Presenters, (e) Coauthor Information, and (f) the Proposal itself.

Please note the word limitations on the Title, Abstract, and Proposal. These word limitations must be honored.

Preview Pages

Lead Author

Workshop/Training Verification


Number of Presenters

Coauthor Information


Note that the proposal Descriptors are used to help group similar accepted pages into program sessions, and not to make acceptance decisions. The Call for Proposals, which contains more details, can be accessed at:

Proposal Submission System **NOW OPEN**

The Proposal Submission system for the 2020 43nd annual SERA conference in Arlington is now ***OPEN***.  When it is open you can click HERE to submit a proposal.