Undergraduate Students


Members of the Southwest Education Research Association (SERA) recognize that research is an integral part of daily life and the importance of promoting undergraduate student scholarship. At SERA, undergraduate students gain opportunities to connect with faculty to strengthen scholarship and prepare for post baccalaureate studies including graduate school.   SERA is an excellent avenue for students to present their in-progress and completed research and develop their emerging research skills. Undergraduate students who attend the annual meeting and conference will find that SERA is student friendly 

  • provides workshops that help students develop transferable skills 
  • broadens students’ career and education options  
  • introduces them to faculty from various institutions and programs 
  • prepares students for postgraduate plans  
  • is dedicated to serving students   
  • enriches undergraduate student experiences 
  • actively encourages undergraduate student participation  

At SERA, undergraduate students develop and/or enhance their research competencies, including formulating research questions, developing a theoretical framework, defining the scope of a project and writing a proposal, developing a literature review, collecting data, conducting analysis, and writing up results. 

Embedded within SERA is an engaging community of scholars dedicated to the development and success of students at all levels. As such, the board unanimously voted to provide an outstanding undergraduate student paper award in the amount of $500.