For the 2021 annual SERA meeting there are three virtual training sessions. 

Training Session ($20) OPEN
Non-Randomized Groups: Implications and Strategies Using Propensity Score Analysis
Presenter: Forrest Lane

Group comparisons are common in educational research, but results from these comparisons can be biased when individuals are not randomly assigned to them. Researchers may be familiar with ANCOVA, but this approach is not well-suited for quasi-experimental design. This workshop will demonstrate potential issues with non-random assignment and provide statistical alternatives through the use of propensity score analysis (matching, inverse probability of treatment weighting). Participants will engage with heuristic data in SPSS and R.

Training Session ($20) OPEN
Managing Literature Reviews
Presenter: Julie P. Combs

Academic authors frequently encounter frustrations and delays when writing literature reviews. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss strategies for (a) starting, (b) maintaining focus, (c) managing overwhelm, and (d) organizing materials. Participants will leave with several applications that can be used in their writing practices.

Training Session ($20) OPEN
Do MORE than Just Finish: How to Thrive During the Dissertation Process and Write a Well-Funded, Award-Winning Dissertation that Propels You into A Sustainable Research Agenda and Career
Presenter: Emma P. Bullock 

As the winner of five major dissertation awards and six additional graduate student research awards while procuring over $20,000 in funding to support her dissertation scholarship, Dr. Emma Bullock, Ph.D (2018 SERA Bruce Thompson Outstanding Paper Award) knows how to approach the dissertation process so you earn multiple job interviews (Dr. Bullock had 25 phone interviews and 10 on-campus interview requests in her last year of grad school) and propel your career. From conceptualization to defense and the job interview, Dr. Bullock will share how to effectively and efficiently select your committee, select your topic and research question(s), hone your research skills, write a literature review, pilot your ideas, build your academic network, procure funding, use the resources your school and professional organizations offer, write in 30 minute increments, present and defend your findings, solicit spectacular letters of recommendation, and apply for awards that will propel you into a successful job interview process that promotes your research agenda and future career. You do not need to settle for just finishing. Bring YOUR dissertation ideas and learn how to use the dissertation process as the means toward accomplishing your academic and professional dreams in this interactive and fun workshop.






Pending availability, tickets for the training session may be purchased on-site (check or cash only).