For the 2020 annual SERA meeting there is one training session. Pending availability, tickets for the training session may be purchased on-site (check or cash only). 

Training Session ($40) OPEN
Survey Design and Instrument Development: How Not to Collect Meaningless Data
Presenters: Robin Henson and Sarah Ferguson

This workshop will focus on developing survey questionnaires and research instruments for data collection in education research. Particular focus will be given to validity and reliability concerns, providing guidance on developing items and tools to consistently measure what you actually mean to measure (and how to know if you are not doing this). Additionally, the workshop will discuss the process of developing these tools and steps that should be taken to evaluate quality throughout the development stages (a.k.a. planning to not fail!). Participants can bring a survey or instrument they are currently working on, an idea they have for a future project, and/or an open mind and willing heart to learn (with no clear ideas of what they are doing).